Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Saenz and Pasqually

Hi Jill
Castillon has a crest as well or at least the Saenz part of the family does (see attachment). They were amongst the first Spanish families in the New World, conquistadors in fact. I seem to remember a reference to Perillos in one of the Diary entries. Also a mention of Rodrigo's great-grandfather who was a confederate of Martinez Pasqually a master mason in the French Grand Lodge who in 1760 founded the Lodge of the Elus-Cohens which had an influence on Saint-Martin founder of the Martinists. Pasqually died in Haiti after founding lodges there and apparently Castillons great-grandfather Saenz visited him there. Saenz was in transit from Bolivia to Europe at the time at the time to further his education. His occult education you might say began there because this was the beginning I suspect of the family's later Martinist connections.. Visited New Castillon blog nice to see everything there. A Marques no less - I'm impressed. Saw a review of Angels and Demons in an English paper - it wasn't a good one- it did say that Tom Hanks hairstyle was an improvement on last time. Have you read the book - people say that it is atrociously written.Saw the Kahlo film and thought it excellent as you say Salma Hayek gave a great performance. Weather wet and windy here - waiting for summer. I see the poor old Tucson Citizen has fallen on hard times could this be the end of an era. Take care.
Colin H.

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